Fantastic EXVAC680S, the gift for my wife, works great!
Fabian Pleskys 6 hours ago 
I found one link about common defects and caused on solar panels. I suggest MYSOLAR to publish it on your website, not only on youtube. I suggest installers/resellers watch this video, they brought some information about these defects and telling people what is good and what is not good. 

Can some one tell me about Mamibot Mysolar's solar panels?
We are going to start a small project of 150KW in the coming two months, and we wanna know that if the mysolar panels are reliable or not? 
Thanks for any answer from you.
       Perfect Module thumbsupGreat item, easy to fit and instant saving
                  Luna 3 months ago                

I just have buyed prevac660 for my mom i love it!!!heart But I saw new models and I want to try exvac680 and win120t but there is not a link to get them open_mouth
Consumer 4 months ago

like EXVAC660 very much. Super product!!!
The best robot cleaner i've ever used, i had roomba for 3 years, but it has no mopping.
Roomba is very noisy, however, EXVAC660 is very quiet, but does the job so well. I use ALEXA to control it, haahah
James Giles 5 months ago

I received the ProVac Plus2 as a Christmas present, it worked great until grandkids put it on a thick blanket. Now it just goes in a circle of about a 1 to 2 foot radius. I swapped the wheels but the results were the same . Any ideas? also was thoroughly cleaned.
patrick irwin 9 months ago

We purchased the mopa 380 about 2 years ago. I can tell you that you will not find better customer support than the Mamibot team. When we first received the mopa it would turn on and then immediately shut off. Anyway after 3 weeks and many communications it was determined that the battery was defective. Mamibot replaced the mopa and sent additional cleaning pads at no cost. We have happily been using this product for the past two years and couldn't imagine cleaning our floors without the mopa. Thanks Mamibot for a great product smileythumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsup  If I  may suggest one improvement to the web site. It would be very helpful to have a link for replacement parts on the home page.
Kay 10 months ago
       Sorry forgot to rate, the mopa is definitely a 5 star product
                  Kay 10 months ago

the preVac 650 basically does a good jobthumbsup, but he has problems finding the charging station. At the moment there a heavy issues with the app. As far as i know it shortly changed to "Smart Mamibot" which has the same functions as the remote control plus setting up a shedule. But the advertising of PreVac was announced to set up a room sketch and showing where he has been and cleaned. So he could be Able to remember every room. That would be very helpfull for cleaning the house. What is the solution for this problem? Please solve this issue!rage  thumbsdown
frank 10 months ago
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