The Mamibot Cordlesser® V4 Multifunction cordless stick vacuum cleaner is probably the lightest designed stick vacuum cleaner on the market. It is only 1.3kg with three different cleaning heads, one for hard floor sweeping, one for textile-made staff cleaning (curtain, sofa fabric, etc), and one for crevice cleaning.

Clean floors in an easier and more comfortable way

Cordless &multifunctional

Easy way of cleaning

Enjoy house vacuuming




Short vacuuming head for 

cleaning your sofa crevice, 

curtains, car seats

Powerful Vacuuming and suitable Working time

8000pa vacuuming for 20 minutes

4000pa vacuuming for 40 minutes

Laptop keyboard cleaner

Low profile design with multiple purpose cleaning condition

Cordlesser V4 cleans hard floor carpet, curtain, sofa, mattress and more

Not too heavy to clean upper area anymore

Light and comfortable


Wouldn't it be so nice to vacuuming an air container's top cover?

Can be short, can be long

Change cleaning heads as you need

Use different cleaning head to reach different objects


  Reaches Crevice             

The 2-in-1 Crevice cleaning head

can clean hard-to-reach areas, with 

a  thorougher vacuuming result.


Integrated for floor

and car vacuuming

Prolonged flat nozzle to reach 

small gaps in your car